Dan Klee

Arena rock from the garage.

Full audio for all releases can be found on bandcamp.

Portraits Cover.JPG


Released 6/21/19

“Portraits” is an excitingly eclectic collection of musical vistas about people and the places they inhabit. Borrowing both the theatric stylings of artists like Springsteen and the humorous nonchalance of bands like Weezer, listeners meet a revolving door of characters, scenes, and topics as varied as youthful optimism, love, creative frustration, political annihilation, fast food drive-ins, and Old West-style shootouts.

HomeoOrTheOddestEndevour_Front Final.jpg

Home or the Oddest Endeavor

Released 9/23/2016

With a title inspired by Delta Spirit's "Strange Vine," the songs on "Home or the Oddest Endeavor" are a about taking that all-important first step out the door.

Mud Cover.jpg

Mud - EP

Released 10/11/2011

A not-so-subtle tribute to Leo Kottke's "6- and 12-String Guitar," "Mud" is a brief collection of acoustic instrumentals.